Real Estate Photography Rates

This is our primary service. To make your home visible on the Internet, you need to publish quality photographs that define the best features of it. We offer you a price scaling that, starting from a minimum of 8 frames, ensures that the presence of your home on the Net, stop potential buyers in your ad. Getting the highest number of visits is our commitment to you. If your house is at the market price, rest assured that our work will help you a lot in achieving the sale. read more at real estate videos 


SERVICES: include transfer to the property up to * 20 km. Of the urban center of Madrid or Avila. The photo shoot will last from one to two hours, depending on the size of the home or company. Post-production work is also included in the price.

DELIVERY: within a maximum period of 24 hours, we will contact you. Remember that the minimum order is € 75 for eight frames plus € 9 for each extra frame, I.VA. 21% NOT INCLUDED. We will deliver the material to you in the conditions established by the portal or real estate portals that you have selected and you. You just have to upload it to the network.

MEANS OF PAYMENT: at the time of finishing work on your property, you must pay a deposit of € 50.00 and then make the payment of the remaining amount through PayPal, from this same page or transferring the amount to our bank account, against delivery note that will be delivered the same day of the photo session. At the moment of receiving proof of payment, we will send you via email the finished work, as well as the formalized invoice. If you do not have internet or you want to pay in cash, we will take a CD to your home, with an additional cost of € 10.

PUBLICATION: the client will have the right to use the images in any medium that he chooses to commercialize the property, being prohibited the sale or rent of the same, to the banks of images, or any other audiovisual, computer or whatever nature, without the express written authorization of its author.

Real Estate Photography

It is essential that the photographs be of quality and defines the real estate property.

How many times have we found photos that only show a sink, or a washing machine, or a dining table, dark, without contrast, or color?

To highlight the characteristics of the property, in architectural photography of interiors and exteriors, objectives such as the full angles are used to visualize the distribution of real estate property.

Most real estate agencies use private use cameras with automatic configurations to obtain houses and apartments. These photographs work for properties whose cost is not very high. On the other hand, for large mansions and exclusive and luxury features, a high-quality picture is required, since otherwise, the definition of private property would be lost if the quality of the image is not related to that of the property.

Photo retouching of properties A primary professional photo retouching results in the improvement of a model regarding lighting, colors, and contrasts in real estate photography.

We offer professional techniques using high-quality tools allowing an artistic and aesthetic quality of the real estate property so that potential buyers stop before the photos of their wealth to make the first sight and buy and rent it.